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Renewal fees, also referred to as annuities or maintenance fees, are an often forgotten part of Intellectual Property considerations.

Once a patent, trade mark or registered design has been granted or registered, it is generally necessary to attend to payment of renewal fees to keep the rights in force. It is also sometimes necessary to attend to payment of renewal fees before grant or registration.

The rules relating to payment of renewal fees vary by the type of IP right and the country involved. For example, renewal fees are generally payable annually for patents, every 10 years for trade marks and every 5 years for registered designs, although there are some exceptions to this, for example in the USA. 

We have a dedicated renewals department which forms an integral part of the service we provide. We have in depth knowledge of renewals and have optimised our procedures to make the handling of renewal payments not only cost effective, but also straightforward. In fact, we have had IP portfolios transferred to us in recognition of this.

As your rights become granted, rest assured that we will keep you informed of the renewals requirements. If you currently use an alternative provider for your renewals and would like us to provide a cost comparison, then we would be delighted to do so.


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