We are able to arrange for the local filing of an overseas patent application in any territory of interest to you. We have a network of patent attorneys across the world that we can instruct to act on your behalf. Filing patent applications overseas can be expensive, not least because it is often necessary to file a translation of the application into the language of the foreign national Patent Office. We are able to advise on the formal requirements for filing foreign national patent applications on your request.


Following filing of an overseas national application, the patent application procedure will be broadly similar to that in the UK. Your application will be searched, published and examined. The patentability requirements will depend on the territory in which you seek protection.  If the overseas examiner raises objections to your application, we are able to work with the overseas attorney to argue in support of your application before the Patent Office. We will keep you informed at all stages of the prosecution of your patent application.


On grant of a patent, a certificate will be issued and renewal fees will fall due to the overseas national Patent Office. We will monitor renewal deadlines and can arrange payment of renewal fees on your behalf.