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If you wish to register your trade mark outside the UK and Europe, it is possible to file applications before the national offices in the territories where you wish to seek protection. We work with a network of overseas attorneys and are happy to provide costs estimates and discuss a foreign filing strategy with you.

It is possible to claim the “priority” from an earlier UK trade mark application up to 6 months from the initial filing date. This allows an overseas trade mark application to claim the earlier initial filing date.


It is also possible to apply for an “international trade mark registration” from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). This allows you to file a single application in English seeking protection in multiple countries who are party to the international system known as the Madrid Protocol. The international application must be based on a national application in one of the member countries, for example, on a UK national application. Filing a Madrid Protocol application can be a cost effective way of registering your trade mark in multiple countries, such as US, Australia, Japan and China. 


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