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Registering your domain name does not mean you can stop someone using your name. Also, having a trade mark registration does not automatically entitle you to use a domain name with the same mark, because the rights in your trade mark registration are limited to the goods/services for which the mark is registered and any similar goods/services. In good faith someone may have registered a domain name using your trade mark for use with entirely different goods/services.


A trade mark registration is a powerful tool for protecting your brand and allows you to stop someone using your mark in respect of identical/similar goods and/or services. If someone seeks to register a domain name for identical/similar goods to those for which your mark is registered you can take action. We are happy to advise on the procedure and costs involved if you have concerns in this regard. If someone has registered a domain name and you consider the registration to be in bad faith or intended to harm your business we can also take action on your behalf.


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